Health Affairs Staff Team

The Health Affairs staff team comprises over 20 individuals supporting the mission, vision, and strategic initiatives of the Health Affairs organization and the Office of the Vice Chancellor.

Sheefteh K

Sheefteh Khalili, PhD

Associate Vice Chancellor, Administration; Chief of Staff, Health Affairs

Michelle M

Michelle McCoy, MHA

Executive Director of Operations and Capital Projects

Tricia P

Tricia Perry

Executive Assistant to the Vice Chancellor

Cleopatra Mogul

Cleopatra Moguel

Executive Assistant to the Associate Vice Chancellor, Administration; Chief of Staff, Health Affairs

Sarah V

Sarah Valdovinos

Director, Research and Strategic Initiatives

Brian P

Brian Paredes

Building Management

Sherry Main

Sherry Main

Vice Chancellor, Strategic Communications & Public Affairs

Tatiana Arizaga

Tatiana Arizaga

Executive Director, Communications & External Relations

Louis B

Lou Bronstein

Assistant Director, Federal Government Relations

Emily E

Emily Eng

Communications Project Manager

Marisa Feng

Marisa Feng

Digital and Creative Communications Specialist

Lauree G

Lauree Goodman

Project and Events Coordinator

Amanda H

Amanda Hughes

Community Relations Manager

Alberto S

Alberto Sandoval

Senior Director, Community & Government Relations

Caroline P

Caroline Pereira

Associate Vice Chancellor, Health Advancement

Pam Augustus

Pam Augustus

Director of Administration & Strategy, Health Advancement

Matt S

Matt Spencer

Executive Director of Advancement, College of Health Sciences

Anna Iliff

Anna Iliff

Communications Manager, UCI Health Advancement

Rebecca B

Rebecca Brusuelas-James

Associate Vice Chancellor, Finance

Martha Graciano

Assistant Vice Chancellor, Finance

Free Moini

Strategic Finance Director