Welcome to UCI Health Affairs

As the only university-based health system in Orange County, we are creating the future of healthcare—interprofessional, whole-person, precision-driven and community serving by a diverse healthcare workforce. With our unique combination of research, patient care and training, we make discoveries and innovations to advance healthcare and improve patients’ quality of life.

Who We Are

A first-of-its-kind alliance across health disciplines, UCI Health Affairs is led by Vice Chancellor Steve Goldstein and comprises 13,000+ faculty, staff, and students from the Susan & Henry Samueli College of Health Sciences, research centers and institutes, and UCI Health.

Diagram for One Health


One Health. At UCI Health Affairs, we do not practice medicine, We Create It. One Health is a philosophy for how we care for individuals and populations. It is an aspiration to conduct collaborative research and share information for the good of our community and in the name of global health equity.

Diagram for Discover, Teach, Heal


Discover. Teach. Heal. Our tripartite mission is accelerating the frontiers of knowledge, transforming the education of the diverse healthcare workforce of the future, and driving a change in healthcare delivery from treatment only during episodes of illness to support of wellness through life.

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Together, the Susan and Henry Samueli College of Health Sciences, Research Centers and Institutes, and UCI Health form UCI Health Affairs.

Our Strategic Priorities

Future Health: Innovations in Education & Research

Innovation from bench to bedside in education and research

Health Equity

Producing equity across the healthcare workforce and to serve our diverse communities

Precision Health

Creating healthcare that is optimal for individuals and for communities

Strength in Numbers

Data from fiscal year 2020-2021. Data source: UCI Office of Academic Planning and Institutional Research, UCI Office of Research, UCI Health Advancement, and UCI Health.



enrolled in the College of Health Sciences


First-generation students

Among the College of Health Sciences undergraduates


of COHS undergraduates

and 22.8% of graduate/professional students identify as an underrepresented minority


Faculty and staff

across the College of Health Sciences, institutes of health, and UCI Health


Research awards

across Health Affairs


Philanthropic support raised

an 89% increase from 2019-20 to 2020–21

2M sqft

Health Affairs Expansion

over the next five years


New jobs

will be generated within Orange County by UCI Health Affairs over the next 5 years


Staff served

through the UCI Well-being Initiative from Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute

Health Affairs Staff Team