Strategic Priority:
Future Health

Our Priority #1: Future Health – Innovations in Education & Research

Innovating from bench to bedside in education and research, focusing on arenas where UCI can distinctively push the boundaries to deliver data-driven, compassionate, precise, whole-person care for all people through:

Innovation in interprofessional education and practice (IPEP) to advance healthcare in team-based collaborations across health disciplines and the development of novel undergraduate programs leading to careers in allied health fields;

Innovation in basic, translational, and clinical research to make discoveries that advance precise care for individuals and communities.

About Interprofessional Education

What Is Interprofessional Education?

(FPO) Interprofessional education (IPE) means that future healthcare professionals learn with and from each other in a variety of collaborative formats to be prepared for the integrative environment of future healthcare. Students in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, integrative health, public health and other fields are able to interact through discussion, case studies, simulation exercises and peer teaching. IPE presents an assortment of various collaborative team-based exercises so students from different health sciences come together to figure out problems – just as it’s done in practice throughout the highly collaborative UCI Health system. With the “no-silos” approach, health practitioner communication and patient outcomes improve.

Interprofessional Education and Practice at UCI

(FPO) At UCI and nationwide, interprofessional education and practice (IPEP) is being recognized as both a critical strategy to preparing students and the best scenario for patient care. UCI students are trained in this method from the beginning of their education.

In 2022, the Interprofessional Education Committee was established with the aim of expanding and optimizing this practice for our College of Health Science community and partners. With our core committee, we will work to develop and teach evidence-based, integrative, diversity-equity-and-inclusion congruent, interprofessional curriculum by: incorporating resources which lead to innovations, implementing measurable and sustained learning, building upon outcomes to guide future goals and objectives, prioritizing teaching initiatives and resources to target specific leading health conditions, and bridging the gap of healthcare disparities and inequities within the community.

Interprofessional Education Committee

Stephanie Au

Stephanie Au, MSN, APRN, FNPC, DNP

Assistant Clinical Professor, Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing

Robert McCarron

Robert McCarron, DO

Professor & Vice Chair of Education and Integrated Care, School of Medicine; Director of Education, Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute

Scott Bartell

Scott Bartell, PhD

Associate Dean, Academic Affairs; Professor, Environmental and Occupational Health, Program in Public Health

Rob Edwards

Rob Edwards, MD, PhD

Associate Professor, Pathology, School of Medicine

Nana Entsuah

Nana Entsuah, PharmD

Assistant Clinical Professor, School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences

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Jocelyn Ludlow, PhD, RN, CHSE, CMSRN, CNE

Director of Simulation, Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing

Sarah McBane

Sarah McBane, PharmD

Clinical Professor; Founding Associate Dean for Pharmacy Education, School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences

Nimisha Parekh

Nimisha Parekh, MD

Clinical Professor; Associate Dean of Faculty Development, School of Medicine; Director of Culinary Medicine, Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute

Stephanie Reyes-Tuccio

Stephanie Reyes-Tuccio, PhD

Assistant Vice Chancellor, Educational Partnerships, UCI Center for Educational Partnerships

David Timberlake

David Timberlake, PhD

Professor, Epidemiology, Program in Public Health

Candice Whealon

Candice Whealon, DNP, MSN, APRN, FNP-C

Assistant Clinical Professor; Clinical Coordinator, DNP-FNP Practice Program, Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing

Warren Wiechmann

Warren Wiechmann, MD, MBA

Associate Professor, Clinical Emergency Medicine; Associate Dean, Clinical Science Education and Educational Technology, School of Medicine

Cheryl Wisseh

Cheryl Wisseh, PharmD

Assistant Clinical Professor, Clinical Pharmacy Practice, School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences

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